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​Imported car door molding white rust scale removal

Removes white rust on door moldings that frequently occur in imported cars.


The door moldings of imported cars (Benz, BMW, Audi, etc.) are not plated like domestic cars, but aluminum material with alumite treatment is used.
Therefore, in a hot and humid environment like Japan, "white rust" like a dull white color often occurs on the surface.
White rust is difficult to remove with normal abrasives, and there is a risk of peeling off.
At our shop, we use a special polishing agent to remove as much white rust as possible, and a special coating agent to prevent white rust from reappearing.

​In many cases, replacing the molding with a new one and polishing when the white rust has progressed is very expensive, so early polishing and coating are recommended.

​Price list
​Coating only
​Polishing + Coating
​Polishing + Coating
​Polishing + Coating
*The price of polishing will change depending on the progress of white rust.
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